The goal of Soul Care Training is to equip individuals of the community of faith to embrace people (and themselves) in the midst of challenging life circumstances and build confidence to engage in meaningful and soul shaping conversations which bring the hurting to a place of facing their current reality and making a godly response to that reality.  This specialized training is for those who are willing to grasp the idea that soul care is not about fixing problems, but leading people to discern the Spirit of God's movement in their lives through both hardships and blessings.

Terry Ewing, founder of Plumbline Ministries, Inc., will teach the six 12 week units.  Each unit covers a vital aspect of soul care ministry including biblical and psychological principles of counsel.  One or more books for supplemental reading will be required per unit.

Soul Care


If time and or distance is an issue to you being able to take Soul Care on site, you can now enjoy the same teaching at your own pace, at a time of your choice, and at any location!  Plumbline now offers the entire 6 semesters to be viewed "on demand".  

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Plumbline now offers Soul Care classes On-Site or as Video on Demand.

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With the on-site experience, you will get the opportunity to interact in a small group setting with Terry and your classmates.  The ability to ask questions and to process information together is very beneficial.  You will also enjoy the experience of the student led presentations during several of the units. Book discussions are also included in the on-site classes.  The class meets on Thursday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30.

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Establishing a plumbline in the hearts of God's people.