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Unit 1-Foundations:  In this course students will learn about the foundational principles of counseling on which Plumbline is based.  Students will be introduced to our most often used tools of discovery and emotional processing.  The course will end with the sharing of “personal narratives” that will be developed during the three months of the course.  The required reading for this course includes Terry Ewing’s Stickman Theology and How to Stop the Pain by Dr. James Richards.  These books will be read in that order and will be reviewed during dedicated class discussion sessions every four to five weeks.  

Topics covered include:

Dynamics of Counseling Theologian Model
Three Roots of Behavior
The nature of love
Emotional Responses
Emotional Investments
History of significant events
Family Systems
Personal Narrative

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Unit 2-Emotional Freedom:  In this 12 week unit of study we will dedicate ourselves to finding freedom in the expression of emotion, the ownership of emotion, and the freedom that comes from the God-given response to emotionally charged situations.  The required reading for the course will be Stickman’s Battles by Terry Ewing and The Pressure's Off  by Larry Crabb.  They will be read in this order throughout the course and covered in monthly book reviews during a Thursday night session. 

Topics covered include:

Forgiveness Model
Spiritual "Selfishness"
Awareness Wheel
Emotional Awareness
Sexual Relations Triangle
"Step-on-Toe" Tool
"Walk in the Woods" Tool

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Unit 3-Relational Freedom:  Unit 3 is full of educational adventure!  You will be introduced to and educated in a psychological tool called, The Taylor Johnson Temperament Analysis.  While it is a secular tool used for diagnosis, we have found it to be an essential step in understanding the relational character and dynamics of a person.  We do not use it for diagnosis but rather as a base of understanding in order to minister to the emotional ramifications of the patterns that have been established.  You will be asked to view the movie, Parenthood, and we will use the Buckman family as an example of our analysis process.  Following and coordinating with the TJTA training, will be the reading of Terry’s doctoral paper, A Course of Cognitive Counseling which will be provided for you in your curriculum. The last four weeks of Unit 3 will be dedicated to learning some of the relational tools and concepts that are utilized at Plumbline.  The other required reading for the course will be Connecting by Larry Crabb; and Who’s Pushing Your Buttons by Dr. John Townsend.  

Topics covered include:

TJTA Training
A Course of Cognitive Counseling
Dysfunctional Relational Cycles
Expectations and Agreements
Structured Separation

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Unit 4-Family Dynamics:  The required reading for this unit will be Terry’s manuscript of his newest Stickman book, Stickman’s Family, and Living From the Heart Jesus Gave You by James Wilder and assorted authors.  The second book identifies the differences between Trauma A and Trauma B and will be a valuable read for trauma processing. The manuscript will be distributed with your course curriculum. Living from the Heart can be purchased through Amazon. 

Topics covered include:

Developmental Psychology
Blended Families
Essentials & Non-essentials of Faith and Ethics
Family Systems
Trauma Processing
Identifying Personal Traumas
Intro to Dissociation

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Unit 5-Diagnostic Categories:  Students will be focusing on two incredible books.  The first of the books is M. Scott Peck’s People of the Lie, which will explore spiritual warfare, the definition, the struggle and the response.  Since spiritual warfare manifests itself in various personal and emotional issues, the second book, Caring for People God’s Way by Clinton, Hart and Ohlschlager will serve as a textbook throughout this unit of study.   This book takes the reader through different diagnostic categories preparing the soul caregiver, with tools and insight to respond to the needs represented within these categories.  This study will prove to be beneficial to both the Christian counselor and the layperson with gifts of encouragement and compassion that will encounter persons in the midst of these struggles.  

Topics covered include:

Intro to Spiritual Warfare
Biblical Perspective on Evil
Encounter Events
Topical Studies

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Unit 6-This is Your Brain on Prayer:  This unit will be devoted to understanding the development and functioning of the brain and how our prayers affect our brain functioning.  We will explore therapeutic options of healing the brain and connecting with God.  The format of this class will include instruction and experiential applications.  the books for this semester are "This is your brain on Joy" and "Stickman's Prayer". 

Topis covered include:

Joy/Fear Bonds

Maladaptive Schemas

Return to Joy

Exploratory Prayer

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Soul Care Video-on-Demand

Have you ever wanted to take Soul Care, but scheduling or distance made it too difficult?  Now is your chance!  Plumbline is proud to offer the entire Soul Care Training on demand!  That’s right; you can now experience the teaching, healing, and growth at your own pace and in your schedule.

Here’s how it works.  You can contact either Carol Anne McNamara or Anthony Elliott to register for a semester.  You may register for any semester at any time.  All the semesters cost $175 each.  This will allow you access to the videos as well as the class curriculum (PDF download).  With your paid registration, you will be given an access code for that semester.  You may then click on the semester that you signed up for, enter the code, and select the video you wish to watch.  It’s that easy!

While the On Demand Videos are very beneficial, there are some things that can only be experienced on-site.  The on-site experience will give you the ability to participate in class discussions, small group processing, and our book reviews.  Also, you will want to join us on-site if you are interested in pursuing a Plumbline internship.  However, being able to go through the training and gain the insights that it brings will be a priceless experience!

Group licenses will also be available if you would like to host your own group to go through the program.  Please contact us for more information if you are interested in hosting a class.