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Soul Care Satellite Groups

If you would like to have an experience more like the on-site group, but cannot attend the Thursday night group in Tulsa - a satellite group might be the exact fit for you!

In a satellite group you will get the opportunity to interact in a small group setting with your leader and your classmates on a date and time and location different from the Tulsa group determined by the leader.  The teaching would be watched via the On-demand route (so Terry would still be the teacher), but you'd receive the benefit of the ability to ask questions and to process information together with your group.  You would also be able enjoy the experience of the book discussions and student led presentations during several of the units.
The cost to attend in a satellite group is the same as On-demand ($100 per semester per person)
Email Traci Rostamo ( for more information on what groups are already currently available and information about getting one started in your area if none currently exist.  
For Soul Care Alumni - we are offering a bonus of no cost to attend for yourself if you start your own satellite group.  All you need is a computer, an HDMI cable, and a TV to hook it up to.  We provide all the language for you to promote your group each semester and you provide the location or ask your home church if you can hold it there.  We are also currently trying to get together a leaders guide for satellite groups.
Contact Traci Rostamo ( for more info