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Current unit of Soul Care is:

Unit 2: Emotional Freedom

In this unit of study, we will dedicate ourselves to finding freedom in the expression of emotion, the ownership of emotion, and the freedom that comes from the God-given response to emotionally charged situations.

The course will be held on Thursday nights, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., beginning January 14, 2021.

Upcoming Unit:  

Unit 3:  Relational Freedom

​Class Date: TBA

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Soul Care On-Site

The goal of Soul Care training is to equip the community of faith to embrace people in the midst of challenging life circumstances and build confidence to engage in meaningful and soul shaping conversations which bring the hurting to a place of facing their current reality and making a godly response to it.

This specialized training is available to those:

  • With the spiritual gifts of helps, specifically in encouragement/exhortation, shepherding and mercy.
  • Whose own spiritual journey has led them to experience the comfort of God in such a way as to want to share that same comfort with others (2 Corinthians 1:3,4)
  • Who find themselves drawn to helping people in emotional, relational and spiritual struggle and yet feel ill-equipped to address the issues of concern.
  • Who are interested in and passionate about relational ministry.
  • Who are open to their own process of self-discovery and growth intimacy with God and others.

Soul Care is not about fixing problems but leading people to discern the Spirit of God's movement in their lives through both blessings and hardships.

     Training will be in units of study approximately three months in duration.  Each unit will cover a vital aspect of soul care ministry including biblical as well as psychological principles of counsel.  Books that offer insight and support to the principles taught will be recommended for required reading.  Each unit of study will stand alone and can be taken independently of the other units for those seeking training in soul care.

     We encourage participation in as many units as possible for the most comprehensive preparation for ministry.  For those interested in pursuing an internship in preparation to counsel with Plumbline Ministries, Inc., all units of study are required.

     Terry Ewing, Founder of Plumbline Ministries, Inc., Plumbline staff, and some Guest speakers, will provide class instruction.  Cost per person is $325 with a $50 deposit due by the 10th of the month proceeding the first class session with the balance due by the first class.

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