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Stickman Theology 
The hardest thing God asks us to do is to let Him love us when we need Him most.  In this seminar we will discuss the emotional, relational and spiritual dynamics of being "stickmen" depending upon the love of God. 

Stickman's Battles
Any sin motivation can lead to any sin manifestation. In this seminar we will determine which of the seven deadly sins are your primary sin motivations.
Stickman's Family: Marriage
God offers Himself as an active 3rd party in your marriage.  When we depend on Him, His role helps move us from the performance-based model you may have been taught to the mercy-based model that facilitates your enjoyment of Him, yourself and your spouse!

Stickman's Family: Parenting
We will examine an alternative to this fear creating performance-based parenting principles you may have been taught.  The mercy-based parenting principles will free you to be yourself and enjoy yourself more with those you love so dearly. 

The Divine Delight
This study of The Beatitudes (Matthew 5) will help create a "big picture" vision for a lifetime of mercy-based relationships and discipleship.  Expect to be freed up to be yourself and to enjoy God like never before.  

Stickman's Prayer
Jesus said that the keys to the kingdom are in "binding" and "loosing."  In this seminar we will discuss why and when binding prayers are appropriate, why and when loosing prayers are appropriate, and how, together these prayers let us relax into God more and more.

Song of Solomon: A Biblical look at Sexuality

Where:  Plumbline offices 

When:  Check the Events Calendar for the next seminar

​Times:  8:30am to 4:30pm

​Cost:  $100 per person per seminar

Stickman Saturday Seminars

Stickman Saturday Seminars - A safe place to discuss difficult concepts
Each of our Seminars will present Mercy based theological, emotional and relational concepts and offer conversations about how to apply these concepts in the various roles of your life.