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Splankna Therapy

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Changing Lanes


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Michelle Elliott

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Additional Resources

Counseling Services:
    Christian Family Counseling
    Christian Family Institute
    Life Connections


Financial planning

Splankna Intervention Therapy is based on the assumption that the subconscious mind catalogues the individual's life experiences and that previous trauma tends to fuel current symptoms.  The practitioner assists the client in employing specific combinations of touch and thought to facilitate the body's ability to release stored traumatic emotion.


Intensive weekend workshops designed to bring freedom and personal development.

Changing Lanes is a place to find hope and restoration for men struggling with addictions. Currently designed to help men and teens through confidential small groups; Changing Lanes offers forums, resource links, stories and events for anyone desiring to find hope of restoration through Christ.


*Please Note:  The resources listed on this page are not affiliated with Plumbline Ministries.  Please also be aware that there may be fees associated with these services.  Check with each one directly to discuss their arrangements

Establishing a plumbline in the hearts of God's people.

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