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Michelle Elliott

I grew up in Tecumseh, Oklahoma and have lived in Tulsa since 2007. I have a BBA with an emphasis in finance from Oklahoma Baptist University. I married Anthony, who also counsels at Plumbline, in 1992, and I have enjoyed, very much, being mom to three great kids who are now adults. I homeschooled our oldest from first grade through graduation, and the other two all but a year and a half when they went to a private school (the year that I hit a wall and came for counseling)! In January, 2016, our first grand baby was born and I love being grandma!!! I have attended Believers church since 2007 and facilitated Theophostic Prayer Ministry there for 4 years. I originally came to Plumbline for counseling. My traumatic childhood and lifelong hurts, along with an event that left me desperately grasping for my footing culminated in a personal crisis. I had almost lost all hope of being able to survive. Counseling has helped me tremendously and I am so very grateful. I want to help others with the same help I've been given, and see others receive the love and healing that the Lord brings as we journey together through the messiness of life. I am an ordained Pastoral Counselor with Plumbline, Theophostic Prayer Ministry (now called Transformational Prayer) facilitator, and Certified Master Level Splankna Practitioner. There is no problem too hard for God and no person who is too far gone for Him to reach. There is hope!