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Geneo Anderson:

Hello, my name is Geneo Anderson. Married to my beautiful and wonderful wife, Debra, in 1973. We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

At age 44, in a desperate move to save my marriage, I agreed to a counseling session where I quickly realized the value for my life and relationships. From that day, I have devoted the last 24 years preparing myself for pastoral care. In 2016, I made a connection with Plumbline Ministry and was able to participate in their Soul Care Training program. After a very enlightening 2 years classroom experience, I immediately enrolled in the 2-year internship program. Having successfully completed four years of Soul Care training at Plumbline, I am moving forward with God’s help to share in the lives of those with whom God connects me.         

I am currently the Care Pastor at a local church in south Tulsa. I understand that we all have moments in our life that may seem like we have been overtaken by a fault. Galatians 6 encourages us to bear and share one another’s burdens. As a care pastor, I am better equipped with counseling tools and a program that I can safely recommend for counselees to receive pastoral care, biblical guidance, and direction for their life’s journey. My heart’s desire is to help bring forth God’s purpose out of the cares of life, for he cares for us.

     Interns are a very important part of Plumbline Ministries.  In short, we trade them extra training (every Mon. morning) and allow them to sit in on our counseling appointments for the benefits of their services in managing the Plumbline office and programs.  The long-term hope is that they would complete 250 hours or more of counseling sessions and then move on to offer counseling on their own, through their church, or (best yet) join the counseling staff here.

     After a participant in our Soul-Care training program has completed two semesters they can apply for internship.  We will already know them pretty well by then and have a good idea about their gifts and calling.  The application includes recommendation letters from their pastors, and support letters from their friends and family.  Once accepted into the intern program, they are supervised by Carol McNamara, befriended by the staff, incorporated into our other programs and PUT TO WORK (as their schedule allows). 

      Internship is divided into two phases. Phase I internship lasts no less than one year. It is during this phase that interns complete the 250 hours of observation with established counselors mentioned earlier. Once it is agreed upon by the intern and the counseling staff that there is a readiness to enter into the next level of preparation to counsel with Plumbline*, the intern begins Phase II Internship. Phase II Internship is independent counseling with mentor supervision (weekly meetings) and will last one more year passed the Phase I year. The intern may or may not continue sitting in with established counselor but will also pick up two to three counselees. It is also during this phase that the intern counselor will face the difficult decision and challenge of whether or not to begin fund-raising. We can offer counseling for free because our sponsoring churches pay the over-head for the ministry and our staff raise their own support; missionary style. SOOO, if one of Phase II Intern Counselors asks you for your financial support please know that they are being thoroughly trained, vetted, and already functioning in important roles here! Yes, our current interns are essential to what we do now and may become the very future of Plumbline Ministries.