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Geneo Anderson

Hello, my name is Geneo Anderson. Married to my beautiful and wonderful wife, Debra, in 1973. We have 3 children and 7 grandchildren.

At age 44, in a desperate move to save my marriage, I agreed to a counseling session where I quickly realized the value for my life and relationships. From that day, I have devoted the last 24 years preparing myself for pastoral care. In 2016, I made a connection with Plumbline Ministry and was able to participate in their Soul Care Training program. After a very enlightening 2 years classroom experience, I immediately enrolled in the 2-year internship program. Having successfully completed four years of Soul Care training at Plumbline, I am moving forward with God’s help to share in the lives of those with whom God connects me.         

I am currently the Care Pastor at a local church in south Tulsa. I understand that we all have moments in our life that may seem like we have been overtaken by a fault. Galatians 6 encourages us to bear and share one another’s burdens. As a care pastor, I am better equipped with counseling tools and a program that I can safely recommend for counselees to receive pastoral care, biblical guidance, and direction for their life’s journey. My heart’s desire is to help bring forth God’s purpose out of the cares of life, for he cares for us.