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Anthony Elliott

     Anthony and his beautiful wife Michelle have been married for 24 years and have three wonderful children, Amanda, Alex, and Caitlin.  They have attended Believers Church for the past 8 years where he has been actively involved with the Theophostic Prayer Ministry for the last 4 years.  He is a licensed electrician as well as being skilled in many other fields.  He has a love for custom cars and loud stereos!  He is in a pretty good place today, but it was not always this way.  From a parents divorce as a small child to an adoption by his step-father to an ugly church split as a teen to dropping out of college to marrying young with a child on the way to lacking the needed skills to lead a family to divorcing his wife to God restoring his marriage to years of struggle and disappointments to personal crisis, there has been much life lived!  This road lead him to Plumbline where he found help, hope, and tools to face these issues.  Having felt a call to ministry from a young age, this is the place where God has also led him to be a part.  He has a deep desire to help those around him with the same help that he has been given!