Establishing a plumbline in the hearts of God's people.

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What is Plumbline Ministries about?

Over the past 20 years of existence, Plumbline has been blessed with the participation of many gifted and dedicated people. These individuals have made it possible to partner with churches in order to offer pastoral counseling at no charge to their referrals, to extend our counseling to the community at large, and to establish a nation-wide teaching ministry promoting the principle that God delights in the struggling, striving, growing believer.

At present, we have ten ordained counselors and four interns who devote many long hours to providing quality care to our counselees.  We offer counseling free of charge to clients who are sponsored by one of our partnering churches and for a fee to the local community. We utilize the counseling-theologian model and work collaboratively with individuals seeking normal Christian discipleship. 

Being a non-profit ministry, Plumbline is funded mostly by contributions from our sponsoring churches, corporations, and individuals.  Our volunteers, contractors, and partners to the ministry assist as deputized fundraisers, networking with the community they are involved, in order to meet the needs of the ministry.  Donations are accepted and appreciated.

Through our Soul Care Training program, many lay-people gain the foundational principles of pastoral counselors.   Soul Care is intended to go well beyond equipping counselors. Instead, its purpose is to help remove the grip of fear people so often feel in relationships. We do this by entering into purposeful relationship with others in ways that encourage their own growth and increase their ability to minister to others in the midst of difficult or challenging life circumstances.  If you are one to whom others seem drawn to share their hurts and needs, you may be a candidate for our Soul Care Training program and maybe even have a future with Plumbline Ministries.  Participants in this 2 year program may apply for internship with Plumbline Ministries after completing Units 1 & 2.  These interns will have the opportunity to become our future counselors partnering with our sponsoring churches who refer their members to us for counseling. 

The development of our teaching ministry began many years ago as counselors and volunteers began holding classes to present Boundaries by Dr.'s Cloud and Townsend. This ministry is growing and evolving as we continue this and other classes.  Many of our own staff members work diligently to write and develop their own curriculum and write books. We currently offer the following classes:  Boundaries, Co-dependency, and Safe People.  We also have four published books, Stickman Theology, Stickman's Battles, The Divine Delight, and Stickman's Prayer.  We have another book that are currently in the editing process with the goal to have it published within a year. 

In addition to being a nationwide teaching ministry, our ultimate vision is to become a city wide counseling ministry with 12 -18 full-time counselors.  To learn more about our pastoral counseling services, Soul Care Training, and classes, call 918.477.9068 or follow us on Facebook: Stickman