Establishing a Plumbline in the Hearts of God's People
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Our Mission is to Offer Christian Counseling free of charge and to establish a nation-wide teaching ministry promoting the principle that God delights in the struggling, striving, growing believer.


     I am extremely excited that we have opportunity to acquire a 7.2 acre parcel of land

here in Tulsa. This is not just ANY parcel of land. This is a vacant piece of property,

which has sat for 42 years. Once an old church camp, it’s habitants now are only

discarded bottles and waste or an occasional homeless person who has felt similarly

discarded… I’ve described this land as having no good purpose, except for the fulfillment

of our vision of a central counseling and teaching center!

This parcel will be up for AUCTION on


September 18th, 2014!

The Minimum bid begins at $25,000.00

     Yes, Just a mere 21 days from now as I write. I believe that this parcel

may be the future home of Plumbline Ministries! We intend to bid on this land

on September 18th, and we need your help.

     We are requesting our friends and supporters to make a one time PLEDGE. We

encourage you to prayerfully consider an amount. Our maximum bid will depend on

your response. Should we not be the “winning” bidder, the pledges will not be

expected to be honored and will be considered null and void. Should we “win” the

bid, we will need the funds by October 15, making it a cash purchase.

     As you can surmise from the SEPTEMBER 18th date of the auction, time is of the

essence and is critical. If you feel lead to make a pledge, please “click here”

or you may also notify us of your intended pledge by sending an email to


     We thank you, we love you & we appreciate your continued support and prayer for

God’s agenda - not ours.

In His Grip,

Terry Ewing





Stickman is proud to announce that
Soul Care will now be available ONLINE!

Watch this short video and then
check the Soul Care page for all the details! 

Plumbline is a nonprofit Counseling and Teaching Center. 

We accept clients ONLY through our sponsoring Churches. 

Please bring a signed intake form from one of the Churches listed on the right in order to be put on our waiting list. 


Our sponsoring churches are:

Asbury United Methodist Church

Believers Church
Central Church of the Nazarene
Liberty Church
Northside Christian Church
Parkview Baptist
All our counseling services are free of charge. Donations are always appreciated but never expected. All donations to Plumbline Ministries are tax deductible.

Plumbline Ministries Inc

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