Establishing a Plumbline in the Hearts of God's People
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Our Mission is to Offer Christian Counseling free of charge and to establish a nation-wide teaching ministry promoting the principle that God delights in the struggling, striving, growing believer.


     The auction for the parcel of land we were hoping to purchase was held on September 18th.  Unfortunately, we were not the high bid.  The final auction price was $135,000.00.  We want to thank everyone for their prayers and pledges.  It is such a blessing to the Plumbline staff to know that we have your support and backing.  Seeing that outpouring was a huge positive for us in the mist of missing out on the property.  We know that God has good things in store for Plumbline and we can't wait to see what He will bring our way.  Again, we want to say a huge THANK YOU!



Stickman is proud to announce that
Soul Care will now be available ONLINE!

Watch this short video and then
check the Soul Care page for all the details! 

Plumbline is a nonprofit Counseling and Teaching Center. 

We accept clients ONLY through our sponsoring Churches. 

Please bring a signed intake form from one of the Churches listed on the right in order to be put on our waiting list. 


Our sponsoring churches are:

Asbury United Methodist Church

Believers Church
Central Church of the Nazarene
Liberty Church
Northside Christian Church
Parkview Baptist
All our counseling services are free of charge. Donations are always appreciated but never expected. All donations to Plumbline Ministries are tax deductible.

Plumbline Ministries Inc

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